A podcast about living and learning at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Our Team

Aspiring doctors. UnsCripted most of the time. Broke medical students all of the time.

Kevin Milligan – @KJMmed

He is a Columbus, OH native, a Cincinnati Bearcat at heart, and a member of Class of 2021. Having attended University of Cincinnati for both undergrad and medical school, he is one of two “double bearcats” on the UnsCripted team. He is applying for a spot as an Internal Medicine resident in upcoming Match.

Robbie Daulton – @robertdaulton

He is a Columbus, OH native, a Buckeye for life, and a member of the Class of 2021. He got typecasted as a Pediatrician pretty early in medical school. He finally gave in.

Zach St. Clair – @ZTSmed

He is an Illinois native, a Vanderbilt grad, and a member of the Class of 2021. He is applying to Internal Medicine residency programs and can’t wait to nerd out about it.

Rachel Holloway – @rmholloway

She is a Cincinnati, OH native, a podcast junkie, and currently enrolled in the Class of 2023. Basically UC royalty, she played soccer for the Bearcats and we are lucky to have her here as a Medcat. You guessed it, that makes her a “double bearcat!”

Alex Gillotte – @acgillotte

She is an Ohio native, an FSU Seminole by choice, and an outstanding new addition to our team. As our only team member to play tackle football, we know she’ll bring 100% to every episode.

Mason Yoder – @masonyoder3

He was born an Ohioan who came back to us for medical school. His voice will soothe you and his humor will charm you. As a former chemist and future Med-Peds doc, Mason is destined to be a podcasting phenom.

Matthew Orischak – @MOrischak

He is a Michigan native, Miami University grad, and a member of the class of 2024. While not the fastest runner, his iron stomach made him back-to-back champion of the "chocolate milk mile." Ready or not, Matt's upbeat personality will slowly run away with your heart.

UnsCripted alumni

Madison Epperson, MD – @mv Epperson

She is a Northern Kentucky native, UK undergrad, and recently graduated with GHHS and AOA honors from the UCCOM Class of 2020. Madison (Otolaryngology) and her husband Thomas (Anesthesiology) are residents at the University of Michigan; we couldn’t be prouder.


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